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Sales, Service, and Maintenance
Since 1980

Office: (914) 669-8781
Emergency or Immediate Service: (914) 714-2792

- Saltwater, Live Coral Reef, Freshwater -
- African Cichlid Aquariums and Koi Ponds -
- Commercial and Residential -

C & J Aquarium has been the pioneer in collecting and distributing saltwater tropical fish and corals since 1980. Christopher Baum, the owner and operator of C & J Aquarium from the beginning, had flown overseas during his College years doing studies and research on Marine species. Chris has gone to countries all over the world such as Egypt, Israel(Red Sea), Indonesia, Sri Lanka(formerly Ceylon), Costa Rica, Hawaii, Netherland Antilles(Bonaire), Mexico, and throughout the United States.

C & J Aquarium was the pioneer who 1st collected and shipped live coral and invertabrates from Sri Lanka to the USA. We also built holding facilities in El Tur, Egypt and was the first to bring in rare and exotic specimens from the Red Sea. Chris was also a contributor in breeding saltwater specimens in the Netherland Antilles (Bonaire) in captivity. Species such as neon gobies, dottybacks, and clownfish. Tridacna clams were also bred in captivity and shipped to local aquarium shops around the world.

Since the early 1980's Chris established himself in the aquarium industry distributing aquarium species to the retail industry and being able to sell direct to the public more competitively than the competition.

C & J Aquarium offers a full guarantee to all our customers. If we bring in an aquarium designed for fish or coral, freshwater tropical fish or a saltwater marine fish, we will guarantee that fish or coral for 6 months if C & J Aquarium is servicing and maintaining the homeowner or company aquarium. If the fish or coral dies for any reason, it will be replaced immediately for no charge.

What other aquarium store or service contractor does that? None!

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